Services and Prices

Comercial Earthworks

Subdivisions, footpaths, rural track creation and road digging. Please get in contact for more comercail services

Services and Utilities

We can haul and install fibre-optic cabling, electricity supplies and pipework. Domestic or comercial.

Retaining Walls

From asthetic garden rock walls to large timber retaining structures and everything inbetween.

Residential Landscaping

Driveways, rockwork, paths, steps and aesthetic features. levelling for lawns, barking, raised-bed and scrub clearance.

Foundations and House pads

Site cutting and preparation for piles, raft or standard floors on any slope or standard of site.

Drainage and Irrigation

Design and creation of drainage structures on any scale, as well as installation of irrigation systems.

Price List


Item Price
Labour (per hour) $42
Truck (per hour) $50
Site charge $75
3.5 ton Excavator (per hour) $45
Concrete saw (per hour) $70
Foot Compactor (per day) $75
Auger equipment (per hour) $45


Please note that price may be subject to change.

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